Kathrin in Mooncoin

I am doing very well here in Ireland, can`t wait to see the St. Patrick`s parade in Waterford, the nearest city. (We couldn`t manage to find someone who would take us to Dublin but I am sure the smaller parade will be nice as well)The weather is getting better and better. My hostfamily is still the best (I am really the luckiest, they are the nicest of all the other families for exch. students here in Mooncoin!) It is so nice because H&J have many siblings and whenever we visit their families there`s always a huge crowd around, that is one of the things I enjoy the most!School is ok as well, sometimes a bit annoying because the people in my year are so immature but with Ines (she is my best friend here, the ex.st. from Upper Austria) and Eva and the lads from other classes we are able to arrange ourselves! We will have final exams at the end of the year (and we have little tests right now, and I am really proud - achieved the best mark in business :)) Things could hardly be better but sometimes I do miss you. We calculated that half of our stay here will be over on Tuesday in 2 weeks. I am in two minds about that, somehow it`s just AWESOME and I`m looking forward to see all of you again soon but on the other hand I am a bit scared and sad because of the time running by so quickly. I love it here and don`t want to leave ^^All the best, always waiting for you nice mails, they really cheer me up!Oh yes, before I forget: recently started on my personla recipe book and finished one diary :))! YoursKati