Laura in Little Rock

I was in Little Rock, Arkansas. I think that the PDS is very good because you get to know people who have the same plan as you do and you can ask questions or share information or fears. As soon as I got my hostfamily I googled and found them on Facebook and a few days later I called them and I was so excited that I didn't really know what to say at first but my hostmum was very nice and so she just told me a little bit about here and here six kids. The Orientation Camp in New York was awesome and seemed to me like a field trip with friends and at that time I didn't really realize that I was not going to see my family and friends for the next 10 months. But as soon as I got to my hostfamily with six kids I realized, "This is where I am going to live for the next ten months. " This was a little shock, not because I didn't like it - because I really did and everyone was very nice to me - just because I was a little homesick at the beginning but that goes by really fast and everything is fine, and I am so glad that I was part of the exchange program because it was an amazing and unforgettable year. The school I went to was pretty small but that was a good thing because so it was really easy to get to know a lot of people and you pretty much saw all your friends several times a day and you could visit with them in the very crowded hallway between classes, which was fun! :) It was a big adjustment for me that my hostfamily had six kids but it was not a real problem because everyone had their own room and so you got enough privacy if you wanted or you could do things together :) I also liked that tone of their kids was in my grade :) So at the beginning she could help me at school whenever I needed something or didn't know anything, well we didn't always get along very well but that goes by :) just like with your real siblings. Some of the highlights during my stay were that I got to go to New York and Washington DC twice :) and that my birthday present was a trip to Disney World and Universal Studios! :) That was just awesome and I am very thankful!  I would definitely do it again! I am very thankful and my hostfamily was great and I want to visit them as soon as possible :) The people I met during this year are just awesome and we will always stay in touch :)